Spring Wreath Tutorial

spring wreath tutorial

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We are still covered in snow, but spring is just around the corner! I’m itching to get out in the garden and start digging in the flower beds. But for now, crafting this pretty spring wreath will have to do.

Here’s how I made it.


Supplies needed:

burlap ribbon artificial flowers {hydrangea, greenery, spring blossom twigs} floral wire wood letters {painted or decorated} grapevine wreath hot glue



Fall Decorations

fall decor

The temperatures have fallen and we are slowly saying goodbye to the summer flowers. The leaves are changing colors and it’s getting dark earlier at night. Fall has definitely arrived. I was in denial for several weeks, but finally decided to start putting out the fall decorations.

Here’s what the front door looks like. {Notice, my flowers are still pretty. Hope I get a little more time to enjoy them.}


Inside, […]

Simple Fall Leaf Wreath Tutorial

Fall Leaf Wreath Tutorial

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Here’s the latest Bible club craft I made with the girls. A simple and easy to make fall wreath, inspired by this post. I hung mine in front of the mirror in our dining room. Love the look!

Here’s what you’ll need:

12″ floral ring craft leaves flowers pine cones ribbon glitter glue hot glue gun

1. Arrange and glue leaves onto floral ring.

2. Attach flowers and pine […]

Spring Door Wreath ~ I need your help!

Front Door

OK. So, I’ve planted the annuals and cleaned up the yard, but every time I look at the front door {which we plan to replace later on this summer} I feel like something is missing.

I was thinking about adding a wreath, but can’t figure out what would look good. Can you help me out with some ideas, please?

Here are a couple of pictures to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.


Paper Heart Wreath Tutorial for Valentine’s Day

Paper Heart Wreath Tutorial

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Here’s a fun project I did with the Bible club girls this past Friday. It’s simple and sweet!

Supplies needed:

8 ½ x 11 red and pink heavy cardstock stapler paper-cutter ribbon


1. Cut strips of paper 1″ wide and 8 ½” long using a paper-cutter. You will need 4 pink and 4 red strips.


2. Fold each strip in half and cut along the crease.