Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving Pies

We enjoyed a most wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends. Our Leaf Garland of Thanksgiving was completed and we certainly do have much to be thankful for. In fact, I would like to continue counting our blessings in December…just need to come up with a way to display them.

Here are some pictures of the food. I like to make enough to last us through the weekend. I think I succeeded.


Thanksgiving Flower Cornucopia Centerpiece

Thanksgiving cornucopia centerpiece

Here’s our Thanksgiving flower centerpiece for this year. I love how it turned out.

I took the cornucopia {which I saved from a couple of years ago} to Connells Maple Lee and asked them to fill it for me. If you’re thinking of picking up some flowers for your table don’t forget to print out a coupon.

Thanksgiving Pie Recipes ~ Apple, Cherry and Lemon Meringue

cherry pie

Growing up in Germany, I wasn’t too familiar with pies or pie making. My sister and I would make fancy German fruit cake or some other creamy torte for the traditional coffee and cake time on Sunday afternoons.

So, when I got married and realized how much my midwest American husband loves pies, I had to learn how to make them. There were some major flops along the way {for which I still get teased}, […]

Leaf Garland of Thanksgiving

Leaf Garland of Thanksgiving

Recently, I’ve been struck by how blessed I really am. There are so many people suffering throughout the world. Just this past week a devastating storm hit the United States that claimed many lives and left families homeless. It puts my small troubles into perspective alright!

In order to count our many blessings, our family is making a leaf garland of thanksgiving. Beginning on November 1st, and every day until Thanksgiving, we will write something […]

Pilgrim Hat Centerpiece

Pilgrim Hat Centerpiece

Check out this fun and creative Thanksgiving centerpiece tutorial over at Family Fun.


*UPDATE* – The previous link I used for this craft is no longer available, but I found another tutorial on how to make this same pilgrim hat here.

You might want to use a larger pot than the tutorial pictures. The felt rim needs to have the center cut out. When finished, just turn over and fill with flowers.

For […]