Paper Batik Tutorial

Paper Batik

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Here’s a unique paper craft for you to try out. I think you will love it!

We used to make these paper batik cards as kids and had so much fun creating all the different patterns.


Supplies needed:

white tissue paper {Cut to size. Mine is slightly smaller than the card stock I’ll be gluing it to.} tie dye kit plastic bowls paper towels set of plain cards & […]

Fall Leaf and Acorn Paper Craft Tutorial

fall craft collage

This whimsical fall leaf and acorn garland ornament was inspired by one of the craft books I picked up on our trip to Germany. It’s a simple project that will add charm to your space. You can hang it in a window or on a cabinet or door knob. I have one dangling from my fireplace mantle.

Here are some step by step directions for you to create your own fall ornament.


Hanging Window Easter Eggs

Hanging Eggs


Here’s a fun and simple project to add a little whimsy to your windows.


To make these Hanging Window Easter Eggs, you will need the following supplies:

water-color paper pearly paint glitter glue ribbon thread needle paint brush hole punch egg template scissors


1. Trace eggs on water-color paper using template. Cut out.

2. Paint both sides of the egg. Let dry

3. Add glitter glue. Let dry.

4. […]

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Quilled Heart

Well, I did it again. I entered another craft contest. You guys were fantastic the last time around and voted me all the way to the 1st prize!

This time, I entered my Quilled Heart project at the Art of Crafts 2013 Love Themed Craft Competition.

In order to win a $35 Amazon giftcard, I have to receive the most likes on this pin {and this pin only!} on Pinterest. All repins and “likes” on […]

Quilled Heart for Valentine’s Day

Quilled Heart

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I recently came across a beautiful quilled heart design at Lushome while researching Valentine’s Day projects. I know nothing about quilling but really like the look. {I guess a little more research is in order :).}

So here’s my simplified “copy” of the quilled heart I liked so much. It is now hanging in our dining area and I ♥ it!


Supplies needed:

11 ½” x 11 ½” stiff […]

Hanging Window Paper Hearts ♥

Window Heart Tutorial

Before I get started on the Window Paper Heart Tutorial, I just have to share with you how super excited I am that my Paper Heart Wreath Tutorial has gone viral on Pinterest. THANK YOU faithful readers for pinning my tutorials. You are truly the best!!!

OK….back to the tutorial.

This hanging window paper hearts project was inspired by Betsy Veldman at Paper • Scissors • SuperHeroes. When I saw her picture I just […]

Paper Heart Wreath Tutorial for Valentine’s Day

Paper Heart Wreath Tutorial

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Here’s a fun project I did with the Bible club girls this past Friday. It’s simple and sweet!

Supplies needed:

8 ½ x 11 red and pink heavy cardstock stapler paper-cutter ribbon


1. Cut strips of paper 1″ wide and 8 ½” long using a paper-cutter. You will need 4 pink and 4 red strips.


2. Fold each strip in half and cut along the crease.


Hanging Origami Paper Flowers

Flower Origami Tutorial

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Today, I’m going to show you how to make these beautiful hanging Origami Flowers using origami circle paper.



8 pieces of 10 cm. round paper glue stick 36″ piece of crochet yarn beads – 3 small colored beads, 1 large clear bead and 1 teardrop bead


1. Fold 10 round papers the following way.

Fold in half.

Fold again.

Open up again.