My Messy Kitchen

messy kitchen

Here’s what happens every weekend – a totally messy kitchen. I don’t know why, but it does. {Ahem…so embarrassing.}

Lately, I’ve been setting the timer before cleaning a space or room. It helps me stay focused. Today, I set the timer for 20 minutes. That turned out to be a little ambitious, but I did get it everything cleaned up in 25 minutes.

I promise I didn’t just move everything to the next room […]

Kitchen Makeover


As I mentioned in our Long Overdue Weight Loss Update, we’ve been working on several home improvement projects. Now that we are nearing completion I thought it would be fun to share where we started out and what we’ve done to (hopefully!) improve our space.

Let’s start with the kitchen.

Here’s what our kitchen looked like when we bought our home 14 years ago. Our realtor took pictures of the entire house at the inspection, […]

Must Have Apple Peeler

With apple season upon us, I went out and purchased a peeler. Watch what this peeler can do.

It’s super fantasic and is going to make baking and canning so much easier and faster.

Get your peeler today!

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