Glitter Ring and Earring DIY

Glitter jewelry

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At our last craft club get-together it was my turn to organize and teach a craft. I chose several earring and ring projects. I’ve already shared the cabochon jewelry with you and today we’re moving on to a glitter project. {No surprise there, right. 😉 } It’s actually quite similar to the glitter necklace pendant I shared a while back.



Supplies needed

ring base with glass insert earring […]

Glitter Necklace Pendant Tutorial

glitter pendants

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I love glitter and I love making necklace pendants. I knew I just had to try making these pendants when I stumbled across them on Pinterest. This project is super easy and the results are stunning. Clara likes the pink one and has already claimed it for herself. These would make lovely birthday or Christmas gifts!


Here’s how you can make these pendants, too.

Supplies needed:

Pendant Trays Glass […]

Stamped Glitter Notecards

Glitter Cards

Are you a glitter girl? Then this stamped glitter note card project is for you!

Here’s what you’ll need:

blank notecards and envelopes flower stamps glue pad glitter twine baby wipes paper towels

Here’s what you do.

1. Take a flower stamp, press it on the glue pad and then on your blank note card. Make sure you position it where you want it before you press down.

2. Sprinkle glitter on […]