How to Dress Up a Plain Nest

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Spring is definitely starting to make it’s appearance here in central Ohio as evidenced by the carpet of winter aconites in my garden. The bees are busy, too!



After having so much fun decorating the mantle for Valentine’s Day, I decided to work on some projects for a spring theme. Today, I am showing you how to dress up a plain bird’s nest. Enjoy!


Supplies needed:


Hanging Window Easter Eggs

Hanging Eggs


Here’s a fun and simple project to add a little whimsy to your windows.


To make these Hanging Window Easter Eggs, you will need the following supplies:

water-color paper pearly paint glitter glue ribbon thread needle paint brush hole punch egg template scissors


1. Trace eggs on water-color paper using template. Cut out.

2. Paint both sides of the egg. Let dry

3. Add glitter glue. Let dry.

4. […]

Stained Glass Paper Window Art ~ Bunny and Eggs for Easter

Stained Glass Easter

Now that Valentine’s Day is over {you can read all about our party here} it’s time to start crafting and getting ready for Easter and spring.

To get you started, I’ve put together a fun tutorial for you. These window decorations would look lovely in your home, classroom or even a store window. Have fun crafting!

Stained Glass Eggs and Bunny for Easter

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templates printed on white cardstock ~ […]

2 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Butterfly Eggs

The kids and I had so much fun working on decorating eggs the last couple of days. Here’s what we did.

Ladybug Eggs


blown out eggs red candle matches black permanent marker black ribbon bamboo skewer

1. Stick the egg on a skewer.

2. Light the candle and wait for wax to melt.

3. Drip wax on egg and cover with dots. Drop from a higher distance for thinner wax dots.

4. Let dry. […]

How to Blow out Easter Eggs

How to blow out Easter Eggs

Ready to decorate Easter eggs? Here’s a step by step guide to blowing out Easter eggs. I’ll share how we decorate our eggs in a follow-up post later on today. Don’t miss out and follow me on facebook.

1. Gather supplies (needle, toothpicks, bowl). Rinse eggs and dry off.

2. Gently poke a hole in the top of the egg using the needle.

3. Use the needle to chip around the edge and […]