Shopping for FREE – Week of 3/5

Free Stuff 3/5

Here are the items I picked up for free yesterday.

The breakdown:

Meijer: gum and tuna CVS: jelly beans Walgreens: Colgate Total (They actually paid me $0.75 to take it out of the store.) Kroger: 3 Colgate

I didn’t get to Target yet where I plan to pick up some free floss. Here’s a list of more free items available for this week . Make sure to check it out.



Shopping for FREE – Week of 2/27

Shopping for Free

Here’s what I picked up for FREE today.

I picked up the gum and floss at Target, the Burt’s Bees throat drops and vitamin drink mix at Walgreens, and the ThermaCare heat wrap at CVS.

For more free deals check out The Krazy Coupon Lady.


Storage Solution for all those Coupon Finds

Storage Solution

It’s a new year and time to get organized!

There’s not much to do outside in this cold Ohio weather, so it’s a perfect time to clean out closests and reorganize. Today, I tackled the laundry/storage room. My goal was to find more space to store all the great deals I pick up while couponing.

I added a shelf (from IKEA) to our storage unit and then attached two walls of pegboard with hooks.


Free Stuff – Week of 12/12

Here’s what I picked up for free at CVS and Walgreens today.


2 Glade air fresheners on sale for $0.99/each use a $2.00 off CVS In-store coupon (no longer available)

3 American Greeting cards – A $2.03 Money Maker! Buy 3 at $0.99 and get $3 Extra Bucks use $2.00 off 3 American Greeting cards CVS In-store coupon

Combos Buy one for $2.00 and get $2 Extra Bucks


Goody mini hairclips […]

How I Save Money Using Coupons

In May, I watched my first episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC. It was eye opening. I never knew you could save so much money using coupons. After seeing that one episode, I decided that I could learn how to do this. I’ll admit I’m not quite as extreme as the people on the show, but my efforts have made a huge impact on our budget. We’ve been able to complete several financial goals much […]

Drugstore Experiment – Week 4

I didn’t get out to shop early in the week like I usually do, but I was still able to pick up the things on my list at Walgreens. The sales at CVS were uninspiring this week, so I didn’t go.


My envelope still contains $11.15 and $8.79 ECB, a total of $19.94.


My envelope still contains $1.75 and $7 Walgreens Bucks (WB), a total of $8.75.

First transaction:

2 pkg. […]

Drugstore Experiment – Week 2

I was a little disappointed in the sales at CVS and Walgreens this week, especially after last week.

Here is the breakdown of this week’s purchases.


My envelope still contains $12.34 and $7.78 ECB, a total of $20.12. Yes, you read that correctly. I still have more money than I started out with.

First transaction:

2 pk. Reach toothbrushes; used $2 off coupon and $2 ECB

Paid $0.14 (with tax); received $2.00 Extra […]

Drugstore Experiment – Week 1

I was recently inspired by some blog posts to try the following experiment.

I put $20 in an envelope for CVS and $20 in one for Walgreens. The challenge is to see how far my $20 will stretch, using manufacturer and store coupons.

Here’s what I got this week.


My envelope still contains $12.48 and $7.78 ECB, a total of $20.26. Yes, you read that correctly. I made $0.26 this week.

First transaction: