Spring Bulletin Board Display and How to Make Paper Flowers

Spring Bulletin Board

How to Make a Spring Bulletin Board Display


green wrapping paper sky blue wrapping paper black border black letters tissue paper flowers {See instructions below.} butterfly cut-outs stapler

1. Cover the bulletin board with blue paper.

2. Cut the green paper to length. Trace grass blades on the back of the wrapping paper and cut out.

3. Attach grass to the board.

4. Add the border.

5. Attach flowers, stems and leaves. Cut […]

Valentine’s Day Church Bulletin Board Display

Valentine's Day Bulletin Board

Well, it was time to update the bulletin board at church so the kids and I worked on it this weekend. Last January I put up a winter theme {check it out here}, but this year I decided to go with a Valentine’s Day theme instead. After all, who doesn’t love love. ♥


The title for the board is:

Love God with all your heart.

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1. Cover the […]