Butternut Squash Waffle Recipe

butternut squash waffles

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By now you’ve probably caught on to my butternut squash obsession. Well, this butternut squash waffle recipe is a definite keeper. Thanks 17 Apart for sharing it with the world.

Nicholas took one bite and declared most enthusiastically that these were the best waffles he has ever tasted in his life!

I doubled the recipe, made up all the waffles and froze them. In the mornings we just popped […]

Filling the Freezer ~ Breakfast Foods

banana bread

This past week I decided to focus on preparing some breakfast foods that can be frozen and pulled out as needed. I was inspired by one of Crystal’s post over at Money Saving Mom on how to fill your freezer in four weeks.

Here are four freezer friendly breakfast recipes that we love.

Banana Bread

I made two loaves of this Banana Bread Recipe last Friday. It really is quite tasty, but I think I […]

March Freezer Cooking – Part 1 …Muffins, Pancakes, Pork Chops


It’s here, my second freezer cooking session of the year!

I had a little time yesterday, so I decided to get a head start. I made 3 dozen muffins, blueberry, honey bran, and chocolate chip, all from a mix.

The Chocolate Chip Whole Wheat Pancakes turned out better than ever. I more than doubled the recipe which yielded almost 30 pancakes. These are my absolute favorite! (By the way, I love this cooking rack […]

30 Meals in Day Menu Plan – March

It’s time to prepare for another 30 Meals in a Day cooking session. Last month’s session was such a success that I’m excited to do it again. I’ll be trying out a few new recipes this time.

If you’ve never cooked like this before, here are two big reasons why you should give it a try.

1. It Saves Money.

Every two week I pull out a set amount of cash to use for grocery […]

Chocolate Granola Breakfast Bars

Granola Breakfast Bars

At the beginning of the week I mentioned how I like to keep healthy snacks on hand. I love fiber bars and granola bars but they can be expensive, so I decided to try and make some. It took me a while to find a recipe that didn’t have weird ingredients and was low in calories.

Here’s a very basic Granola Breakfast Bar recipe I tried out today. I added chocolate chips for my “addition”, […]

30 Meals in a Day – I did it!

30 Meals in a Day

Wow! The last two days are a little bit of a blur. I still have to pinch myself, because I can’t believe I actually cooked not just 30, but 32 meals this weekend. It’s so satisfying to open the freezer and see all those yummy, ready-to-go meals. In fact, we already had one last night.

Here’s a peek inside my fully stocked freezer.

You might have noticed that I cooked 32 meals in a […]

Quick Tip #3 – Scrambled Eggs in a Cup

Scrambled Eggs in a Cup

Here’s a super easy way to cook up eggs in the morning. We tried this for the first time this morning and the kids loved it.


Freezer Cooking – Breakfast Burritos

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for making breakfast burritos. I’ll show you how I prepare them and package them for the freezer.

Scoop egg mixture onto tortilla. (You might notice that I substituted sausage for the ham.)

Wrap in paper towel.

Wrap in foil.

Label freezer bag and fill with burritos. They’re freezer ready!

Now, just pull a burrito out in the morning, remove the foil and heat it […]

Freezer Cooking – Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancakes


Here’s an easy, kid friendly recipe for whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes. Today I doubled the recipe, made them all up and packaged them for the freezer. This way, all I have to do in the mornings is pull out a couple of pancakes and heat them up in the microwave. Best of all, the chocolate chips eliminate the need for syrup. My kids usually have a banana to go along with the pancakes.