Freezer Cooking – Breakfast Burritos

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for making breakfast burritos. I’ll show you how I prepare them and package them for the freezer.

Scoop egg mixture onto tortilla. (You might notice that I substituted sausage for the ham.)

Wrap in paper towel.

Wrap in foil.

Label freezer bag and fill with burritos. They’re freezer ready!

Now, just pull a burrito out in the morning, remove the foil and heat it […]

Freezer Cooking – Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancakes


Here’s an easy, kid friendly recipe for whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes. Today I doubled the recipe, made them all up and packaged them for the freezer. This way, all I have to do in the mornings is pull out a couple of pancakes and heat them up in the microwave. Best of all, the chocolate chips eliminate the need for syrup. My kids usually have a banana to go along with the pancakes.