Wainscoting DIY

wainscoting DIY

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Now that we have completed most of the mechanical repairs after moving into our new home, it’s time to start work on some cosmetic changes. One of the first rooms getting a makeover is the dining room.

We started out by painting the walls, existing chair rail and crown molding. {Note- I painted the lower wall white before adding the wainscot molding.} After some research, I found this wainscoting DIY tutorial to be most helpful.

Here’s how we did it.

We left a 4″ space around all the molding box edges. As the tutorial suggests, the boxes can be adjusted in size to work around outlets, etc. You won’t notice a difference.

We cut the primed molding to size and using a level, attached it to the wall using a nail gun. I couldn’t find our level {the garage is still in quite a state!}, so I purchased this one at Home Depot. And I’m glad I did. It’s small, easy to handle and does’t mark up the walls. It was perfect!

wainscoting DIY


Next, we filled all joints and nail holes with paintable caulk. Don’t skip this step, it makes a huge difference!

wainscoting DIY


Finally, we painted the molding. It took two coats.

wainscoting DIY



wainscoting DIY


wainscoting DIY

We couldn’t be more pleased with the finished result.

Next step, new floors!


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