5 Art Project Ideas for Kids

5 art projects for kids
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Every year, Nicholas and I work on a few art projects together. He likes to create and the county fair art show gives us a good excuse to spend some time working together. You can see some of his past creations here.

Throughout the year I add pins to my Kids Art Board on Pinterest. Then when it’s time to start painting, I let him look through the pins and choose a project. We try to choose projects to fit into the different judging categories.

Here are the five he chose this year.

1. Narnia

Narnia painting

I love how he immediately thought of the lamp post scene in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. For this painting we used acrylic on canvas.


2. Boy Swimming

swimmer painting

swimmer painting

swimmer painting

This one is just fun! He chose to make the boy look like himself. :) We had a good time, including a few laughs, talking about the proportions of the body and face. For this painting we used oil pastels and water color. You can read more about this project here.


3. Cat at Sunset

cat painting

cat painting

Nick loves animals, so this was kind of a no brainer. We used watercolor for this painting.


4. Northern Lights

Northern Lights painting

We’ve been studying astronomy in our science together this year and talked about the northern lights. The pictures we found of the lights in the sky were breathtaking. This art project seemed like the perfect fit. We used oil pastels and black acrylic paint on black card stock.


5. Ship at Sea

ship painting

This idea reminded us of our time in Newport, RI last summer. We used acrylic on canvas.


I hope this post inspired you to get out your paintbrush and create with your kiddos. Make sure to send me pictures of your works of art!


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