My New Shop ~ Monica Rudy Jewelry

Monica Rudy Jewelry

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I am excited to share with you the opening of my new shop Monica Rudy Jewelry.

Blue Rose Cabochon Ring

Blue Rose Cabochon Statement Ring available here.


About two years ago I started designing and making jewelry and haven’t been able to stop. {Of course, you already know this because of my many jewelry tutorial posts. :) } This shop was created so that I could continue my love of working with all things pretty, sparkly and glittery and because I can’t possibly wear all the jewelry myself. 😉 In my shop Monica Rudy Jewelry you will find high quality and unique handcrafted rings, necklaces and earrings. You will also notice my affinity towards vintage and Victorian design with a touch of romance and class.


Pug Dog Pendant Necklace

Pug Dog Pendant Necklace available here.


I am a one-woman shop. Every unique item is handcrafted by me and each purchase is carefully gift-wrapped, packaged and dropped off at the post office. It is such fun to explore and be involved in every aspect of my jewelry shop.


Rose Stud Earring Set

Rose Stud Earring Set available here.


There are many ways for you to keep up with what’s going on at Monica Rudy Jewelry. To get the latest sale, promotions and giveaway news you can follow on facebook, twitter, Pinterest and favorite the shop itself on Etsy. Of course, you can keep reading here at Homemaking with Monica, too!


Purple Glitter Statement Ring

Purple Glitter Statement Ring available here.


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