3 Reasons to Complete the 4-H *Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry* Project

Hi, this is Clara.

Today, I would like to share with you 3 reasons why you should choose to complete the 4-H Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry project book.


1. Experiments are Fun

This project book contains many fun experiments. They explore topics such as matter, density and oxidation.

Two of my favorite experiments were how to use isopropyl alcohol to tie-dye a T-shirt and how to make a fire extinguisher using baking soda and vinegar.

Here I am wearing my tie-dye shirt.

tie dye


Here I am putting out a flame. By mixing the vinegar and baking soda, CO2 is directed at the flame. This robs the flame of oxygen and extinguishes it.

fire extinguisher

fire extinguisher


2. Learn and Understand Science Terms

Just reading about science can make it difficult to understand. In this project book scientific ideas and terms are explained through experiments which makes them easier to comprehend.

For example, I learned that endothermic means that it takes heat away from something and exothermic means that heat escapes. I completed two experiments to help explain what those two words mean.

First, I made ice-cream. {It was tasty!} When salt is added to ice, the freezing point of the ice is lowered. The ice changes from a solid to a liquid. Heat from the warmer milk mixture melts the ice making the milk mixture colder so that it freezes.

ice cream


Second, I used yeast and hydrogen peroxide to set off an exothermic reaction.



3. Learn How Chemistry Applies to Everyday Life

The experiments help us see that chemistry happens around us all the time. It teaches us how nature works, which allows us to make our lives better.

I was also able to interview several people who use chemistry in their profession. They are able to use their knowledge of chemistry to help sick people by prescribing medication.


Hopefully you’ll be able to see from my experiences why Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry is such a great 4-H project.


Please help me pass along this information and share it with your family and friends. THANK YOU!


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  • Freya

    Yay Clara!
    That looks like so much fun. Great job creating an informative post. So proud of you

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