More Music

It’s that time of year. Lot’s of recitals and concerts to finish out the school year. Yesterday, was the day of my spring studio recital. I thought you might enjoy some of the kids’ performances.

Clara performed a violin solo. She liked how it sounded in the church with those high ceilings.


Here’s Nick playing Premier Boogie. He was thinking about asking people to dance while he played. {And probably would have if I hadn’t suggested he didn’t. 😉 }


Nick, Clara and I had fun preparing a piece for six hands at the piano.


Here’s the first performance by our little neighborhood chamber group. {They haven’t chosen a name yet 😉 }
A sonata by Ignatio Pulici.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed it. Now it’s time to get practicing for my sister’s wedding!

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