Glitter Ring and Earring DIY

Glitter jewelry

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At our last craft club get-together it was my turn to organize and teach a craft. I chose several earring and ring projects. I’ve already shared the cabochon jewelry with you and today we’re moving on to a glitter project. {No surprise there, right. 😉 } It’s actually quite similar to the glitter necklace pendant I shared a while back.



Supplies needed


1. Cover the glass base for both the ring and earrings in glitter. I show you how to do this in my glitter necklace pendant tutorial. Let dry.

2. Gently brush varnish on glitter and let dry.

3. Add a dab of glue to the glass tile and attach to ring or earring base. Let dry.


glitter jewelry


Finished ring.

glitter ring

glitter ring


Once the earring base is dry, connect the jump rings to the base and earwire.

glitter earrings

{Note – we used Martha Stewart’s Tinsel Glitter for the earrings and the results are stunning! I highly recommend it for these earrings.}


If you’re planning on giving the earrings as a gift you can trim a piece of cardstock with a decorative hole punch. Fold it over and insert the ear wires into the holes.

glitter earrings


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