Quilled Spring Candle Holder Tutorial

quilled spring candle holder

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One of my most popular blog posts has been the Quilled Tealight Candle Holder Tutorial. What better way to thank you for your support than to create a new tutorial for you.

We’ve had a lot of snow here lately and I’m definitely ready for spring. So, it wasn’t hard to come up with a theme. :)  Immediately,  I had this picture in my mind of a fun and colorful candle holder with flowers and bugs. I spent several hours cutting paper, quilling, gluing and experimenting and am excited to share the results with you.

I hope you enjoy making this quilled spring candle holder as much as I did!

quilled spring candle holder


Supplies needed:

  • cardstock in various colors {28cm in length} Note- all paper strips are cut to a width of 1cm.
  • glass votive candle holder { 2½” in diameter}
  • ALEENES All Purpose Glue
  • paper trimmer
  • quilling tool {I explain how to make one here.}


Leaf Base

  • 12 dark green strips, cut in half, marked at 3cm {note- you should end up with 24 smaller strips}
  • 12 dark green strips marked at 6cm
  • 12 light green strips marked at 6cm
  • 1 dark green strip not marked


1. Wrap the unmarked dark green strip around the glass candle holder. Cut to size {leave an overlap} and glue.

2. Quill the 24 smaller dark green strips and glue at the pencil mark.

{If you’re new to quilling and need help on how to complete any of these steps, check out my Quilled Snowflake Ornament tutorial where I explain the basics of quilling in more detail.}

quilled spring candle holder


3. Glue circles on to the green band with the seem facing inward. {You may only need 23 circles.}

quilled spring candle holder


4. Quill the remaining dark and light green strips. Glue at the pencil mark.

5. Let dry. Pinch the circles into shapes. You should end up with 4 light green and 4 dark green tear drops {see bottom of picture below} and 12 light green and 12 dark green shapes as pictured on top.

quilled spring candle holder


6. Glue the 12 dark green shapes together create four leaves {see picture below}. Repeat with the light green shapes.

quilled spring candle holder


7. Attach the leaf formations to the large circle.

quilled spring candle holder


Purple Flower

  • 7 strips of purple cut down to 21cm in length and marked at 5 cm.
  • 1 strip of pastel purple cut to 7cm in length


1. Quill the long purple strips and glue. Let dry. Pinch into teardrops.

2. Quill the small strip as tightly as possible and glue.

3. Glue teardrops around the light purple center.

quilled spring candle holder


Pink Flower

  • 3 strips cut in half and marked at 3cm
  • 1 yellow strip cut in half and marked at 2.5cm {you only need one}


1. Quill the pink strips and glue.

2. Quill the yellow strip and glue.

3. Attach pink circles with seems facing the yellow center.

quilled spring candle holder


Yellow Flower

  • 6 yellow strips cut to 21cm in length and marked at 4.5cm
  • 1 brown strip cut to 10cm in length


1. Quill and glue yellow strips. Let dry. Pinch into shape.

2. Quill brown strip as tightly as possible. Glue.

3. Glue yellow petals to brown center.

quilled spring candle holder



  • 2 orange strips cut to 21cm in length and marked at 5cm
  • 1 yellow strip cut in half. Mark one at 4cm and the other at 3cm.


1. Quill the orange strips. Let dry. Pinch into shape.

2. Quill the yellow strip marked at 3cm into a circle and use for the head. Quill the yellow strip marked at 4cm and pinch into a teardrop shape.

3. Glue together as pictured. Create antennas with scrap paper and attach.

quilled spring candle holder



  • 3 dark purple strips cut in half {you will only need five halves}. Mark two strips at 3cm and two at 2.5cm.
  • For the wings – 1 dark purple strip cut into quarters {7cm each}
  • For the wings – 2 blue strips cut down to four pieces at 6cm and four pieces at 5cm

1. Quill the four marked dark purple strips into circles and glue. Quill a fifth dark purple strip a little tighter than the rest and glue it.

2. Create the dragonfly body as pictured below by gluing the circles together largest to smallest.

3. To make the wings, glue a 6cm blue strip and then a 5 cm blue strip onto a 7cm purple strip. Then pull and curve the 5cm blue strips onto itself and glue. Pull the other blue strip and then the purple strip around and glue.

4. Attach wings to body as pictured.

quilled spring candle holder


Arrange and attach flowers and insects to leaf ring base.

quilled spring candle holder


You did it!

quilled spring candle holder


quilled spring candle holder


quilled spring candle holder


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