How to Make Kissy Lip Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine's Day card 2015

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Valentine’s Day is only one week away and you still have time to make a fun and unique card.

I came across the kissy lip card idea here. It made me smile the minute I saw it. I showed it to the kids and they were immediately on board and agreed that we should make these funny cards for our family and friends.


Here’s how you make them.

To start out, simply take a close up picture of a cute kid making a kissy face.

Valentine's Day card 2015


Then it’s time to edit the photo. I like to use PicMonkey, a free photo editing website.
Order 4″x 6″ prints from your favorite retailer. I use Walmart’s 1 hour photo service.

Valentine's Day card 2015


Now the fun part. Attach the chocolate lips with a hot glue gun. {I found the lips at Walgreens.}

Valentine's Day card 2015

Valentine's Day card 2015


There you have it. It’s that simple.


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