Caramel Puff Corn Recipe

caramel puff corn

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Last year, a dear friend gave us some caramel corn for Christmas. It was so very delicious and, might I add, addicting! My sister’s visit this past weekend provided the perfect opportunity to try and make this special treat. I found the perfect recipe for caramel puff corn at The Cheery Baker.


We poured the puff corn into two separate large bowls. {It works with one large bowl, too. I made some more yesterday 😉 }

caramel puff corn


Make sure you use a large enough pot for the sugar mixture. When you add the baking soda the liquid really puffs up!

caramel puff corn


If you are going to bake the puff corn, which I highly recommend for a crispy crunch, just poor the sugar covered corn on a baking sheet(s). Do not grease or use wax paper. After 20 min. of baking at 250º stir the corn, then continue baking for another 20 min. As soon as you pull each tray out of the oven pour the hot caramel puff corn onto large sheets of wax paper. Spread the caramel corn out and once it cools break it into smaller chunks.

Store cooled caramel corn in an air tight container.

caramel puff corn

Enjoy your special treat!


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