Paper Batik Tutorial

Paper Batik

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Here’s a unique paper craft for you to try out. I think you will love it!

We used to make these paper batik cards as kids and had so much fun creating all the different patterns.


Supplies needed:

  • white tissue paper {Cut to size. Mine is slightly smaller than the card stock I’ll be gluing it to.}
  • tie dye kit
  • plastic bowls
  • paper towels
  • set of plain cards & envelopes
  • glue stick

*Note – Before you start, make sure to cover your craft space. The dye will stain.


1. Fold the tissue paper into various shapes, rectangles, squares, triangles, etc.
The more folds, the more interesting your patterns. Just experiment to find your favorites!

paper batik

2. Prepare dye according to package directions then poor into separate bowls.

paper batik

3. Dip one end of your folded tissue paper into the dye.
The dye soaks up quickly, so be careful not to dip too long.

paper batik

4. Gently fold the bottom up and dip into a new color.
Continue until you paper is covered to your satisfaction.

paper batik

5. Now it’s time for the fun part. Slowly and carefully open your paper.
Don’t wait for it to dry. It becomes more difficult in my experience.

paper batik

6. Let your pieces of art dry on paper towels.

paper batik

paper batik

7. Once dry, iron the tissue paper placed between two paper towels on a low heat setting.

8. Glue to your card stock.

paper batik

There you have it. A truly unique set of cards. Great for sending to friends and family or to give as a gift!

Paper Batik Tutorial Collage


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