How to Get Rid of the Stinky Seashell Smell

how to clean seashells

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Well, I’m finally getting around to treating the seashells we brought back from Florida. The shells are beautiful, but man they smell! I’ve had them sitting in grocery bags tied really tight so the stink wouldn’t escape.


Here’s what I did. It’s actually an easy process and works!

1. Divide the shells into two categories: Strong and sturdy vs. delicate

2. Mix equal parts water and bleach into a bowl for the sturdy shells. For the delicate shells use water and dish soap.

3. Let the shells soak for one hour.

how to clean seashells

4. Use a toothbrush to remove any dirt. I did not take the time to do this.

5. Rinse thoroughly and let dry on paper towels overnight.

how to clean seashells


Now it’s time to find some cool seashell crafts. Any ideas? Please leave a comment!


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