Backyard Birds

We have a new passion at the Rudy household. Birding!

female cardinal at bird feeder

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This won’t come as a complete surprise to my facebook followers. You’ve already met papa cardinal who comes to visit me every morning.

It all started, because Clara has chosen Ohio birds for her 4-H project this year. Since then, we’ve discovered several bird enthusiasts among our acquaintances. They have shared different ways for us to get involved in the birding community here in central Ohio and recommended many great bird viewing parks and places. Their excitement has certainly been contagious.

It’s kind of cool to think that we are third and fourth generation bird enthusiasts. I remember my dad playing bird call records and looking at birds through his big binoculars on our hikes through the woods. When I was working in the garden with my grandmother, she would always stop and look for the birds singing in the trees overhead. I learned how to identify several bird calls from her.

Here’s one of her field guides I received after her death.

bird field guide

The first step we took to attract birds to the backyard was to purchase a bird feeder much like this one. We hung it from a large shepherd’s hook in front of our house right outside the kitchen window.

It is advertised as squirrel proof and so far so good. We’ve had one squirrel come around, get in the bush and definitely think about how to get to the feed. But so far, he’s been satisfied with what he found on the ground.

squirrel poof bird feeder


The following pictures were all taken from our kitchen window.

Sparrows. They put on quite the entertaining show for us each day. Lots of squabbling.

sparrows at the bird feeder

Finches. I never knew they had so much red in them.

finches at the bird feeder

Mama cardinal. Sweet and shy.

female cardinal at bird feeder

Papa cardinal. 

male cardinal at bird feeder

Cardinal gone wild.

male cardinal at the bird feeder

Cardinal couple. Always together.

cardinal couple

What are you looking at!

female cardinal

I see you! Nicholas laughed his fun giggly laugh when he saw this picture.

male cardinal


Looking for a feeder?

The reviews on this bird feeder are very high. Like I mentioned before, our comparable feeder has kept the squirrels out so far.

However, I will be purchasing this hard core feeder {with great reviews} for the backyard. We have mature trees back there and TONS of squirrels. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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