Mantle Wall Makeover – Part 2

Remember way back, when I asked you all for some help with my mantle wall? Well I finally got around to doing something about it. You guys left some great feedback (check out the comments here) and for months I couldn’t make up my mind what to do. Finally, I bit the bullet and did something. My thought was that if it turned out terrible, I could always start over.

As a reminder, here’s the plain wall that definitely needs some pep.

stenciled cabinet

So what was my big decision? To paint and stencil the back of the cabinets. It’s probably a good thing, too. You wouldn’t believe how filthy the shelves and walls were. {So embarrassing!}

After a good scrubbing I painted on the somewhat bold background color. I gave you a subtle hint as to my color choice in the Stenciled Pillow Tutorial. Did you catch that?

I’ll have to admit I was a little scared after the first coat. But I decided to keep going and see the project through to the end. After all, I told myself, I hadn’t stenciled yet. And in the end there would be shelves with stuff on it covering much of the cabinet wall.

stenciled cabinet

Here’s the first stenciled section. I love it!

stenciled cabinet

The completed stenciled interior. I love it even more!

stenciled cabinet

Shelves are in and my confidence is growing. It’s really starting to look like what I had envisioned.

stenciled cabinet

The completed mantle wall, all decked out for fall. Ta-dah!

stenciled mantle wall


stenciled mantle wall

I am absolutely loving how the stenciled cabinet walls turned out. They add so much to the room. Such a contrast from the bland before picture.

Now the next step will involve switching out some of the “stuff” on the shelves. I guess I just can’t make a ton of BIG decisions all at once.

What have you been up to? Any new crafts, DIY projects, etc? Please post a link in the comments below so I can come over and check it out.


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