Fall Leaf and Acorn Paper Craft Tutorial

Fall Paper Craft with Leaves and Acorn - template included!

Fall Paper Craft

This whimsical fall leaf and acorn garland ornament was inspired by one of the craft books I picked up on our trip to Germany. It’s a simple project that will add charm to your space. You can hang it in a window or on a cabinet or door knob. I have one dangling from my fireplace mantle.

Here are some step by step directions for you to create your own fall ornament.

fall paper craft supplies

Supplies needed:

1. Print the leaf and acorn pattern template on card stock and cut out.

fall paper craft

2. Trace the leaves on fall colored card stock. You will need two of each. Make sure that you flip the template over when tracing the second leaf. You want them to line up properly when gluing them together.

For the acorn, you will want to trace the nut section on the light brown paper and two caps on the dark brown paper.

fall paper craft

3. Cut them all out.

fall paper craft

4. Punch out 30 one inch circles in various colors.

fall paper craft

5. Use a needle and pincushion to poke a whole through the middle of each circle.

fall paper craft

6. Apply tape to one side of one of the acorn caps. Place the light brown nut on top.

Cut a 20″ piece of illusion cord and lay one end on top of the tape.

Apply tape to the second cap and attach to cover the string.

paper fall craft

7. Thread on 5 beads. Then alternate 15 paper circles and beads. Add 5 more beads on top.

paper fall craft

8. Apply tape to one of your leaves. Lay the nylon thread across. Cover with second leaf.

paper fall craft

9. Add five more beads on top. Then repeat step 7.

paper fall craft

10. Add your last leaf following the instructions in step 8 and add 5 beads. Now just tie a loop and your fall leaf ornament is ready to hang!

paper fall craft


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