Stenciled Pillow Tutorial

Over the last several months I have fallen in love with Martha Stewart Stencils. Every time I’m in a craft store I walk past them and admire their intricate designs.  One of my couch pillows was in need of a make over and I just knew that Martha Stewart’s stencils were the answer.

Stenciled Pillow Tutorial

Supplies needed:

1. Remove the pillowcase.

stenciled pillow tutorial

2. Lay flat and position first stencil.

stenciled pillow tutorial

3. Apply paint with foam pouncer. Wait recommended drying time before layering next stencil.

stenciled pillow tutorial

4. Finished!

stenciled pillow tutorial

Honestly, this is such a simple and easy project and doesn’t take long at all. The longest part of the project was waiting for the paint to dry. So, look around you house and see if you can’t find a little something to stencil!


FYI – The color for this project is a sneak peak at a larger project going on. 😉


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