Mantle Wall Makeover – Part 2

stenciled cabinet

Remember way back, when I asked you all for some help with my mantle wall? Well I finally got around to doing something about it. You guys left some great feedback (check out the comments here) and for months I couldn’t make up my mind what to do. Finally, I bit the bullet and did something. My thought was that if it turned out terrible, I could always start over.

As a reminder, here’s the […]

Fall Leaf and Acorn Paper Craft Tutorial

fall craft collage

This whimsical fall leaf and acorn garland ornament was inspired by one of the craft books I picked up on our trip to Germany. It’s a simple project that will add charm to your space. You can hang it in a window or on a cabinet or door knob. I have one dangling from my fireplace mantle.

Here are some step by step directions for you to create your own fall ornament.


Double Digits! 3 Birthday Gift Ideas

Clara's 10th birthday

I thought you might enjoy a little peak at our birthday celebrations yesterday. The teacher declared a school holiday, so we enjoyed a fun leisurely day together (which did include violin lessons and orchestra rehearsal).

We started the day out right with some birthday doughnuts.

Time to open presents.

A Ravensburger Disney Panoramic 1000 Piece Puzzle from Mimi and Pappy imported from Germany!

A new book! Redwall by Brian Jacques

And […]

Flower Bulb Tray

Flower Bulb Tray

I found this flower bulb tray at Aldi this week for $6.99.

I’ve never seen anything like it and can’t wait to see if and how it turns out. All you have to do is plant the tray 5″ deep.

Now I just need to decide where to plant them.

Have you ever planted anything like this before? I’d love to hear about it.


I’d love to stay connected.

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Summer Garden ~ Update #1

summer flowers

This week may be the last hurrah of summer for us here in central Ohio. I was gone most of August and thanks to our wonderful neighbors our hanging baskets and pots still look beautiful.

The zinnias in the front have turned the walkway into a little jungle.

The bees are busy from sun up to sun down.

Beautiful, fragrant fall clematis framing the entrance to our “secret garden”.

I was happy […]

Steak Success

Steak Sauce

Yesterday, we tried out a new steak sauce – Smoky Montreal Steak Sauce by McCormick. #GrillMatesPack

I drizzled a little sauce on the steak.

Let it cook…



The steak turned out very good. The entire family was pleased with the taste of McCormick’s Smoky Montreal Steak Sauce. I’ll admit I was pleasantly surprised, since I like my usual way of grilling steak a lot. And all I usually […]

Stenciled Pillow Tutorial

Stenciled Pillow Tutorial

Over the last several months I have fallen in love with Martha Stewart Stencils. Every time I’m in a craft store I walk past them and admire their intricate designs. One of my couch pillows was in need of a make over and I just knew that Martha Stewart’s stencils were the answer.

Supplies needed:

pillow case multi-surface paint stencil {Martha Stewart 32931 Adhesive Silkscreens, Exotic Blossoms} Martha Stewart Foam Pouncer

1. Remove the […]