Germany Trip – Part 1

Greetings, friends! It’s great to be back and I’m excited to share a little about our vacation this week. Many of you know that we went to Germany to visit my family. Now that the laundry is washed, the new school schedules are in place and I’ve had a chance to work in the yard, it’s time to post some pictures.

Here we go…


Waiting for our plane in Columbus.

Airport - Germany Trip 2013


Our plane from JFK to Frankfurt, Germany. FYI- the service on Singapore Airlines is fabulous!

airport - Germany Trip 2013



We arrived in Aalen safe and sound. Here’s the view from my childhood home overlooking the city.

Aalen - Germany Trip 2013


On our first full day we took a walk through downtown.

Aalen - Germany Trip 2013

Aalen - Germany Trip 2013



Our first week in Germany also included some palace and castle touring.

First stop, Ludwigsburg.

The kids enjoying the train ride.

train ride - Germany Trip 2013


The Ludwigsburg Residential Palace and it’s beautiful gardens. We toured the inside, but unfortunately were not permitted to take photographs. It’s too bad, because the rooms are very sparkly and fit for a king! You’ll have to go check it out for yourself. :)

Ludwigsburg - Germany Trip 2013

Ludwigsburg - Germany Trip 2013


The castle gardens include a Fairy Tale Garden.

The kids with the story teller.

Ludwigsburg - Germany Trip 2013


Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Ludwigsburg - Germany Trip 2013



Ludwigsburg - Germany Trip 2013


Rapunzel’s Tower

Ludwigsburg - Germany Trip 2013


Our second day of castle tours took us to the Lichtenstein Castle.

Lichtenstein - Germany Trip 2013

And Hohenzollern Castle.

Hohenzollern - Germany Trip 2013


The walk to the top was steep, long and exhausting! It’s a good thing we practiced taking long walks in the spring. The only problem, we don’t have hills like THAT in Ohio. :)

A view from the top.

Hohenzollern - Germany Trip 2013


That’s all for week one. Next, a trip to the city of love. So stay tuned!


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