Vacation Bible School – Armor of God

In case you’ve been wondering why I’ve been MIA this past week, these Vacation Bible School pictures will give you a little clue. :)

I thought you might enjoy seeing all the decorations. I can’t take credit for the artistic vision but was glad to be a part of creating and implementing the vision. A lot of the following ideas could easily be adapted to any medieval themed party.

Armor of God VBS

As the kids arrived, they registered and then moved into the Great Hall.

VBS Registration

VBS Great Hall

VBS Great Hall

VBS Great Hall

In addition to the Great Hall we had several areas set up…

The Hall of Games

VBS Castle

VBS Castle

The Hall of Knowledge {we also set up the Banquet Hall and Hall of Arts – not pictured}

VBS Hall

Here’s where we took a picture of each child and gave them a copy at the end as a memento.

VBS Photo Op

I thought you might also like to hear the kids sing their theme song. My brother created the soundtrack for us. Enjoy!


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2 comments to Vacation Bible School – Armor of God

  • michelle

    what a beautiful, creative idea, our church will be doing this theme for our vbs, it is the churches and my 1at year doing this, would love to do some of these projects, i would be looking to know where to get started,what supplies would be needed ect,, thank you michelle

  • Carol

    Great ideas … Would you share the song, words and music? Thanks!!

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