Spring Garden 2013 ~ Update #4

All the rain, sunshine, and not too hot weather have done wonders for the garden. Everything is still lush and green without me having to water much. Love it!

It’s time for the last spring garden update of 2013! {Hard to believe summer is just around the corner!}

Here’s a view of the front yard. You’ll notice that the front door is still *blah*. Thanks for all your input and ideas on what I should do. As soon as Vacation Bible School is over I plan to tackle some home improvement projects, including the door.

front garden

I thought I’d show you the way into the back yard. It’s the entry into my “secret garden”.

back gate entry

back yard entry

Looking back toward the gate.

back yard entry

Continuing into the garden.

back garden

back garden

Reading bench

reading bench

I’m also very happy about the fruit growing on our trees this year. Looking forward to the harvest!

Fruit Trees

Some flower pictures curtesy of Clara. :)



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2 comments to Spring Garden 2013 ~ Update #4

  • What a fantastic secret garden – thank you for sharing. Did you take all of those photographs too – very professional touch well done.
    Fancy swapping gardens 😀

    keep up the great work

    Mark Page


    (feel free to have a look too)

  • Monica

    Thanks for the kind comment, Mark. Most of the pictures were taken by myself. The last two were my daughter’s. She’s working on a 4-H photography project.
    I enjoyed browsing your site, too. Thanks for sharing.

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