Spring Door Wreath ~ I need your help!

OK. So, I’ve planted the annuals and cleaned up the yard, but every time I look at the front door {which we plan to replace later on this summer} I feel like something is missing.

I was thinking about adding a wreath, but can’t figure out what would look good. Can you help me out with some ideas, please?

Here are a couple of pictures to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

Front Door

Front Door

Thanks in advance for what I know will be fantastic advice! Please leave links and comments below.


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6 comments to Spring Door Wreath ~ I need your help!

  • Darlene

    Hi Monica,
    I’m sure you already have something in mind. but I’ll share my thoughts anyway.

    Your front door is a solid dark colour. I would choose a lighter colour to contrast the door to create interest and visibility.

    You already have yellow and purple accent colours so naturally you will choose one or both of those cclours for your wreath.

    I also think an over sized wreath would

    I think a round and free flowing wispy form would look fantastic to contrast the linear lines of your house.

    I have given you a link to a pic of the type of wreath that I have in mind.


    A gorgeous over sized wreath would be perfect. It would make a statement – “look here – this is the front door”.

    Just a suggestion but I would lower the flower baskets on the sides to about eye level so they will be noticed and admired.

    That’s all I got. Can’t wait to see the other suggestions.


  • Monica

    Wow, Darlene! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. I really like the idea of lowering the hanging baskets. Thanks for the wreath link, too.

  • I would paint the door a Bright Yellow since there are yellow flowers leading up the sidewalk. That way it will say “Welcome you reached your destination” Then put Word Art or a Welcome sign.

  • Monica

    Ooohh…I love the idea of yellow and word art. Thanks for your input, Carol! Decisions, decisions…

  • Barb

    Hi Monica, I love your Lanscape design. To enhance the front porch I would raise your two pot on the porch to so that the top of the evergreen is midway to the height of the sidelights or get taller pots. An urn with a pedestal works well. I agree with the one lady who suggested a large round wreath with purple and or yellow accents. Google spring wreath ideas or pinterest for ideas. I would also remove the hanging pots and the potted tree in the lanscape, because they both would take away from your porch decor. (less is more) You want to have a clear view to the door from the street, and it looks like the potted tree would be to tall. You want to keep you eye moving from short in the front to tall in the back. It also looks like you have room for a small bench on the side with the mailbox anlged towards the walkway with a coordinating pillow or two. I would also keep the door as is considering your flower colors. The dark door will definitely make the colors on the wreath stand out. Wish you well on your project. Barb.

  • Monica

    Thanks for your ideas, Barb! I agree that the pots are a little small. Your other ideas are also make a lot of sense. Can’t wait until this weekend {Vacation Bible School} is over and I can tackle projects again. :)

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