Spring Garden 2013 ~ Update #2

The flowers are loving the spring rain and warm sunshine. It’s amazing how much everything has grown since the last update. Come take a walk with me.

Here is the view walking into the back yard.

Spring Garden 2013

Spring Garden 2013

The kids enjoy our little reading bench nook.
I’m loving the river birch. The trunk is starting to peel, which is really the reason I planted it. :)

Spring Garden 2013

Spring Garden 2013

Here’s what’s blooming. All the flowers {except for the lilacs} were transplanted from my Grammy’s garden.

Celandine Poppy


Forget Me Nots

Lily of the Valley

It shouldn’t be too long now before I plant annuals and get some flower seed in the ground.

How does your garden grow? Please leave a comment or link to a blog post in the comments below. Thanks!


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