Vintage Shabby Chic Mirror DIY

I am so excited to share this simple DIY mirror project {that I made for my Valentine’s Day mantle display} with you.

Vintage Shabby Chic Mirror DIY. A step by step tutorial.


Here’s a list of supplies you’ll need:

  • frame with glass insert
  • paint and brushes, optional
  • Looking Glass, Mirror-Like paint by Krylon
  • spray bottle with water
  • black construction paper


Step 1 ~ Prep the Frame

Move on to step 2 if you’re happy with your frame.

Here’s a framed picture I picked up at a thrift shop. You might also find an inexpensive frame at the dollar store. I liked the size and ornamental style of this frame {not so much the gold…yikes!}.

Shabby Chic Mirror

Since I wasn’t in love with the color of the frame, I decided to paint it.  First, I brushed on a layer of silver paint using a sponge brush.

Shabby Chic Mirror

Then I brushed on the white paint but let some of the silver peek through.

Shabby Chic Mirror


Step 2 ~ Make a Mirror

Now it’s time to get the glass looking like a mirror.

Before spraying the mirror, make sure you clean the glass. Then set up your spray area. I lined a large cardboard box with newspaper.

Shabby Chic Mirror

Generously apply the mirror paint, then immediately spray on the water. The more water you use, the more distressed your mirror will look.

Shabby Chic Mirror

Let the mirror paint dry completely. {Otherwise you’ll end up with streaks. Ahem…I wonder how I know that. ;)}

Once everything is dry, assemble the mirror. For a result line the back of the glass with black paper.

Display & Enjoy!

Vday Mantle


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