Goals for 2013 ~ February Update


Goals for 2013

Here’s an update on how I’m doing with my goals for 2013. Some are going super and I’m totally failing with others. Overall, I’m very happy with the forward momentum. I am convinced that I wouldn’t have made as much progress, had I not sat down, thought through and written down some goals.

Personal Goals

Complete a Bible Reading Plan. I’ve been doing very good with this so far. I missed a couple of days, but was able to make them up on the following day. It turns out I’ve even been able to add reading a book on prayer {Alone with God by John MacArthur} as well.

Memorize Ephesians. Well, this is one area where I’m falling a little short of my goal. I’ve got the first six verses down pretty good and started on the next three, but haven’t even started on week 4. Oops. You can follow my memorization plane here.

Continue with Church Involvement. Pluggin’ along on this one. There are some exciting things in the works.

Write and Publish an Ebook. I am currently reading an eBook, The Self Publishing Toolkit by Daphne Dangerlove. It is inspiring and has a great action plan on how to go about writing and publishing your book. My goal for February is to set up a time table and start taking the first steps outlined in the book.

Lose 20 pounds by the end of July. Right on track with this goal. I’ve lost 4.8 lbs as of today.


Financial Goals

We haven’t started on any home improvement projects or made any big purchases yet. 

At the moment I’m keeping an eye out for a “grown-up” desk for Clara on craigslist. After a bit of research, I believe purchasing a used desk and fixing it up will be the most cost-effective.

Also, I have been sticking to my cash allowance! Yay for me!


Blogging Goals

Design a Blog Logo. I have some ideas floating around in my head, but nothing concrete yet. Ideas are welcome!

Update the Blog Design. I’ve made a few changes to the blog header and sidebar. It’s really me just playing around and trying out a few things. There’s so much to learn!

Develop a Blogging Routine/Schedule. So far, I’ve been able to implement a schedule that has been working well. I am using a calendar to keep track of all of my posts. This way I know what I’ll be writing about each week and can plan accordingly. I also have a notebook sitting on the kitchen counter where I can jot down ideas as they come to me. This had been very effective so far!

Other Blog News ~  I am also super excited about my new Blog Button and the fact that Homemaking with Monica is sponsoring a craft contest!


Family Goals

Add Bible reading to our evening family time. We started out strong, but then I was sick for a couple of weeks and things fizzled. This will be an easy fix though, because we started back up with our family reading time in the evenings.

Learn one hymn a month. Totally failed this one. I’ll need to reevaluate how to make this one work. Evenings might not be the best time to try to squeeze this in.

Continue to host Bible Club. We had our first club meeting of the year where we made heart wreaths. Our next meeting is this week. :) I love my girls!


Homeschool Goals

Continue swim lessons. The kids haven’t missed a swim lesson all year. Clara graduated to the next level and is now swimming in the deep end {without a floatation device}! Nicholas is still working on staying afloat, but has made huge strides.

Add science lessons. Totally failed this one, too.

Start a Germany/France study. We got one lesson in. Not what I had hoped for, but it’s progress. Our unit was on the French painter Monet. I’ve put together a little lesson plan and will share it later on this month.

Complete read-aloud book list. Again, I was sick for some of January, so that slowed down our progress a bit. The good news is that we’re only two chapters away from finishing Tales of Robin Hood. Then we’re off on an adventure with Marco Polo.


How are you doing with your goals for 2013? Please leave a link if you blogged about this recently or just leave a comment. :)


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