Quilled Heart for Valentine’s Day

Quilled Heart

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I recently came across a beautiful quilled heart design at Lushome while researching Valentine’s Day projects. I know nothing about quilling but really like the look. {I guess a little more research is in order :).}

So here’s my simplified “copy” of the quilled heart I liked so much. It is now hanging in our dining area and I ♥ it!


Supplies needed:

  • 11 ½” x 11 ½” stiff white cardboard {I used watercolor paper}
  • 12″ x 12″ red paper {I used a piece of scrapbook paper}
  • ½” thick strips of red and pink cardstock ~ various lengths
  • hot glue
  • pencil
  • 12″ square shadow box frame.


1. Start out by forming the large heart border.

I used two red strips that were 11 1/2″ long.  It might help to tape the ends together.

Form the heart, add a little hot glue dot to each tip of paper and place the heart where you like.

TIP~ Before you glue the heart border on your white cardboard, you might want to play around with the heart placement and mark your glue spots with a small pencil dot.

Quilled Heart


2. Fill in the heart.

Here’s where you can have fun by filling in the heart however you wish.

Cut strips of paper to various lengths.

Use a pencil to “curl” the paper.

Before gluing, lay out your design to make sure you like it.

Use hot glue sparingly.


3. Attach the heart on white cardstock to the 12″ square backing.

Quilled Heart


4. Put in frame. Display and enjoy!

Quilled Heart


For more Valentine’s Day inspiration follow my Valentine’s Day board on Pinterest and check out my other Valentine’s Day blog posts.


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