A Homemade Christmas ~ Pendant Necklaces

Pendant Necklace Tutorial using Glass Tiles

Several years ago one of my piano students gave me this beautiful music note Scrabble pendant necklace for Christmas.

I like to wear it and thought it would make a great Christmas gift for my children’s music teachers. So, I did a little research and tried my hand at making Scrabble pendants, but mine didn’t quite turn out. I had pretty much given up on the idea, when quite by chance, I found this wonderful tutorial by Sabby in Suburbia on how to make pendant necklaces using glass tiles. This one worked for me. Yay!

For the most part I followed Sabby’s tutorial directions. Here’s how it works:

1. Clean the glass tiles. {I ordered mine from Sun and Moon Craft Kits as Sabby suggested and highly recommend their products and service.}

2. Trace the tiles and cut out paper for the pendants. This takes a little time as you want the paper to be just a little smaller than the glass tile.

3. Spread a little Diamond Glaze on the paper and press glass tile onto paper.

4. Let dry.

5. Add a layer of Diamond Glaze to seal the paper. {Available for purchase on Amazon or Sun and Moon Craft Kits.}

7. Let dry completely.

8. Glue on small jewelry bail using super glue.

Here are some of my finished pendants.

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1. Step #3 and #5 ~ Instead of Diamond Glaze I now use Sun and Moon Glaze. I like it much better!

2. Step #8 ~ use Sun and Moon Glaze to attach jewelry bail.

3. Images ~ You can purchase fantastic digital images on Etsy. Just enter digital collage sheet in the search box. When using printed images make sure to seal them first. MicroGlaze works well.


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