Newspaper Origami Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Here’s the tutorial for the newspaper ornaments I entered in the Totally Green Contest. Voting is open until Nov. 30th at 8pm. I’d really appreciate your vote.

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Newspaper Ornaments Tutorial

Supplies needed:

  • newspaper
  • glue
  • silver string
  • beads
  • 2″ circle hole punch
  • glue stick (UHU is my favorite brand)
  • wire hanger

1. Punch out 20 circles of newspaper. {Note- double-check the words on your circles for appropriateness :)}

2. Fold the circles in the following way. {For demonstration purposes I am using a larger, solid color circle.}

Fold circle in half.

Fold in half again.

Open back up to a half circle and pull the outside corner inside to line up with the crease.

Press down.

Here’s what it should look like.

Fold the upper flap outward to the center crease.

Turn over and fold the bottom flap outward to the center crease.

Apply glue to the outer edge of the upper flap and glue to crease. Repeat on the bottom  flap.

You should end up with 20 folded circles that look like this.

3. Glue 10 circles together into a stack. Apply glue to the “slice of pie” or small triangle. Stack another triangle on top.

Keep going until you have two stacks of 10.

4. String beads on thread. Cut a piece of thread about 10″ long. Add a crimp bead to the bottom then string on beads of your choice. In the example below, I used 8mm red and clear beads, two small green beads and daisy spacers.

5. Glue the bottom half of the ornament around the string. Take a stack of 10 folded circles. Generously apply glue to the top triangle and the entire inside edge.

Wrap it around the string until the two triangles meet. Slide it down to the top of the beads. Press for two minutes, hang and let dry.

Repeat with the upper half. Slide it down into the bottom circle.

6. Add the remaining beads. I added another 8mm red bead and small green bead.

7. Make a loop at the top of the string for the hanger. I made the loop by adding another crimp bead.

8. Hang up and ENJOY!

Tip ~ For a more colorful ornament use the comic section of the paper or recycle old wrapping paper.


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