Quick Tip #9 ~ How to Clean a Microwave

Now that I’ve finished some of the bigger projects to get ready for the holidays it’s time to clean the house. Today, I tackled the microwave.

Here’s a simple cleaning technique I discovered that decreased my usual thirty minute {and disgusting} project to ten. Yay!

All you’ll need is water, distilled white vinegar, a microwave safe bowl and paper towels.

Before Pics (so disgusting)

Here’s what I did.

1. Mix 1/2c. white vinegar and 1/2c. of water in a microwave safe bowl.

2. Bring to a rapid boil in the microwave – about 3 minutes.

3. Remove the bowl {watch, it may be HOT} and wipe down the top and sides of the microwave. The grime should just wipe right off. If not, boil the vinegar mixture for another 2 minutes.

4. I did wash the glass tray in the sink with warm water and soap. The vinegar didn’t quite cut it.

5. The grime under the glass tray was still stuck, so I sprayed it with my homemade all-purpose cleaner (water and vinegar). I ran the microwave for 20 seconds and the grime came right off.

It was so quick and easy and only took 10 minutes!

After Pics

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