Bird Art Prints

Do you like unique art? Are you looking for something not everyone else has hanging on their walls? Check out these bird art prints that I just LOVE!

I first came across the work of Ohio artist Carol Gilbert when I was visiting a neighbor. She had the cutest bird prints on her dining room wall. Of course, I had to inquire where she got them and she told me she bought them at our local annual art festival. So when the following September came around I checked out Carol’s booth at the festival and fell in love with these affordable, limited edition bird prints. I’ve purchased several for myself and also as gifts.

The owl is my latest acquisition. Don’t you just love the way he’s looking right at you?

If you’re looking for a special piece for your home or a unique Christmas gift, I found Carol Gilbert’s limited edition prints available for purchase at the Village Craftsmen.


10 comments to Bird Art Prints

  • Hi Monica,
    I was so happy to see your comments about Carol Gilbert’s artistry. I grew up in Ohio (live in Texas now) and when my parents passed away, a few years ago, I was delighted to have two of Carol’s paintings that my mom had hanging in our home. One is of four chickadees and the other is four bluebirds. (which I have hanging in my entryway) I love her artistry. It’s very simple and reminds me of home.


  • Monica

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. :)

  • diana mclucas

    I own a Carol Gilbert original painting of a woodland waterfall. It was purchased in Ohio many years ago. I would love to add to my collection. Do you know if she is still painting anything from her waterfall series?

  • Monica

    Diana, I haven’t seen any at the art shows she’s attended here in central Ohio. I do, however, have her business card with her phone number on it and will email it to you. Hope this helps. Monica

  • Monica

    Diana, I tried to email you the phone number but the email bounced back. Maybe you could contact me through my contact page:

  • I have a few of Carol Gilbert’s baby birds prints and would like more. I found her at the annual Art Fair in Cadillac, Michigan but she has not attended in the last two years. Would you please give me her contact information?
    Thank you!

  • Vickie Anderson

    Hi I have been purchasing Carol Gilbert prints for my mom for the last 6 years. I usually get direct from her at art shows but this year was out of town. Ugh! Love to visit with her and see her works. I would like to have her contact info if you still have. I will be adding the owl print this year.
    Thanks, Vickie

  • Monica

    We love our bird prints, too, and did get to see Carol at our local art show this year. She’s added some larger scenic prints. Very lovely!
    Unfortunately, the only contact info I have for her is on the back of her business card. Here it is: 308 Peru-Olena Rd. West, Norwalk, OH 44857; phone: (419)668-0786. Hope this helps!

  • Julie

    My Aunt Carol does such beautiful work, and I’m so proud to be her niece. :) It’s beautiful and endearing and artwork to last for a lifetime. I love you, Aunt Carol!

  • Monica

    I agree, her work is beautiful! How special to have your Aunt Carol in your life. What a blessing.

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