Change a Bad Habit and Save Money in 30 Days ~ Use what you’ve got!

Here’s the next installment to my 30 day quest to change a bad habit {aka eating too much fast food}, save money and eat healthier. How are you doing so far? I’m hanging in there. Bad habits can be hard to break, especially on days when you’re tired and hungry and the forbidden fruit is hanging very low on the branch. So far I’ve resisted the urge to pick it.

If you’ve joined me on this journey, then you know the assignment for today is to share the list of food you currently have in your home. Please share your list in the comments and remember it’s never too late to join our challenge. :)

Ok, so I knew we had quite a bit of food in the house. I just didn’t realize how much food there was.

Here’s my list of food.

Chest freezer

  • tons of beef (steak, stew, ground, roast…)
  • frozen chicken
  • butternut squash soup
  • meatballs

Freezer above fridge

  • 3 Orange Chicken crock pot meals
  • 3 BBQ Chicken crock pot meals
  • 3 Teriyaki Chicken crock pot meals
  • 2 Man-Pleasing Chicken meals
  • Breakfast burritos
  • diced cooked chicken
  • hot dogs
  • hamburgers
  • frozen veggies


  • muffin mixes
  • cake mixes
  • bread mixes
  • a lot of potatoes
  • baking supplies (sugar, flour,…)
  • flower tortillas
  • canned beans, tomatoes, soup, fruit


  • canned soup, baked beans, fruit
  • hamburger helper
  • pasta salad kits
  • mashed potatoes
  • pasta
  • rice
  • spaghetti sauce
  • salsa
  • tuna packets
  • baking supplies
  • condiments

Assignment #3

Why make a list? Well, it will be a great help for our next assignment.

Make a three-week menu consisting of meals you can serve with the ingredients on your list.  If you completed the first assignment, then the menu for week one is already set and I hope you are following it. :) This means we still have three more weeks of meals to plan. I’ll give you until Tuesday to complete assignment #3.

Remember, I budgeted $15 a week for purchasing bread, milk, fresh fruit, veggies and cereal each week. I also gave myself a $10 weekly allowance for additional grocery items. So if you need to buy an ingredient here or there to make a meal work, that’s ok. I am keeping track of my receipts and recommend you do the same. It’ll be great to see how much I *didn’t* spend on food at the end of 30 days.


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