My New China Cabinet

Why do you need a china cabinet, you might ask. Well, I’m one of those crazy people who wished for and received beautiful Spode china at our wedding. When I was growing up and we would watch period piece movies, I used to admire the British in India with their blue and white china. I always knew that someday when I had a home I wanted to be just as elegant.

I don’t know that I would describe our home as elegant, but by golly we do have elegant Christmas dinners using my fine china, silver and stemware.

We recently distributed my grandparents belongings so I had to replace the china hutch I was temporarily storing. I searched on craigslist and came accross this beautiful piece from the 1920s. Love it!

While I’m showing you the cabinet, I might as well show you my latest additions.

These are beautiful red glass cups from my grandmother. She used them on Christmas Day.

Here are her Fostoria pitcher, glasses and dessert dishes (that I am storing for my parents who could not take them back to Germany). We used these every Sunday for lunch after church.

These items have great sentimental value to our family and I am so thankful that we have them and can use them to make new memories and to remember those times gone by. (I’m tearing up as I write this.)

Do you use fine china? Do you have dishware with special memories attached to them? I’d love to read about it in the comments. :)

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