Ice Cream Cone Cakes

I guesss you could say I’ve been on a cupcake craze lately. Not sure why, except the ideas I’ve come accross looked like they would be fun to make. These Ice Cream Cone Cakes were quite simple to make.


Just use a cake mix, line a cupcake pan with baking cups, fill them with batter and top them off with a cone. After cooling, remove the liner, ice and decorate. Enjoy!


Here’s what the cupcakes looked like after they came out of the oven.

We had so much fun decorating these cones. The one problem we did encounter though, was that the cones are very top heavy. So we had a lot of  cupcakes falling over. In short, the kitchen was a BIG mess. :)

Here’s the final result.

Clara enjoying her tasty treat.


Do you have any fun cupcake decorating ideas? Please leave a link in the comments. Thanks!


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