Hanging Origami Paper Flowers

Hanging Flower Origami Tutorial

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Today, I’m going to show you how to make these beautiful hanging Origami Flowers using origami circle paper.



  • 8 pieces of 10 cm. round paper
  • glue stick
  • 36″ piece of crochet yarn
  • beads – 3 small colored beads, 1 large clear bead and 1 teardrop bead


1. Fold 10 round papers the following way.

Fold in half.

Fold again.

Open up again.

Fold one outside corner into the middle fold.

Here’s the way it should look after completing the previous step.

Fold the rest of your papers.


2. Tread beads onto crochet yarn.

Thread and fasten the teardrop bead to the bottom of the yarn.
Tie a double knot approximately 2″ above the teardrop.

Add a small red bead.


3. Glue folded paper petals together.

Spread glue onto the small triangle surface.
Press the small triangle surface of the next petal on top.
Continue until all petals are glued together.
You should end up with a stack.


4. Put it all together.

Generously spread glue on the straight edge of the small triangle.

Spread glue onto the top small triangle.
Lay the beaded thread next to the petal stack and press into glue.
Carefully pick it up, unfold petals and glue the top and bottom petals together.
Hang up and let dry.

Add remaining beads to the top.
Make a double knot just above the top bead.

Hang up and ENJOY!


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