Confession and a Menu Plan


Wonder why you haven’t read a weight loss update in a while? Well, it’s because summer came with all the fun it brings and we totally got off track. Now that we’ve started school again and we’re getting back into a routine, it’s time to get serious and loose the rest of this excess weight by the end of the year.

Menu Plan

It has become very clear to us that the best way to ensure healthy eating is to plan ahead. We make the best food choices when we keep healthy snacks available at all times and when we prepare healthy meals. This is where freezer cooking has been a tremendous help for us.


Here are the meals I plan to have available over the next two weeks.

:: Baked Pasta (2 casseroles already prepared in the freezer)

:: Taco Soup (enough for one meal already prepared in the freezer)

:: Chicken Wraps (enough for 2 meals already in the freezer)

:: Beef Stroganoff (1 meal)

:: WW Chili (3 meals – recipe comes from Weight Watchers Just Like Home recipe book)

:: BBQ Beef Sandwiches (1 meal – I’m trying out a new recipe from Weight Watchers Just Like Home recipe book.)

:: Meatballs and Spaghetti (4 meals) – I added salt, pepper, garlic powder, minced onions and Italian seasoning to this basic meatball recipe.

:: Shish kebabs (2 meals?)

Time for Action

The plan is written and now it’s time to take some action. My goal for today is to finish my grocery list and shop for ingredients. If time permits I would also like to get the meatballs baked and packaged for the freezer.

Anyone else out there getting back into a regular routine after a fun and relaxing summer?


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