Living Room Makeover

From Living Room to Library and Music Room

We’ve lived in our split level home for almost 15 years and are finally getting close to finishing all the major home improvement projects we had planned or envisioned. I previously shared pictures of our kitchen makeover. Today, I’ll take you on a tour of our most recent project, the library/music room.

Our realtor took the following three pictures of our home at the home inspection. (This was 14 years ago).

Here’s the entry way, looking up toward the living room.

The pink living room.

One of the first things we did when we moved into the home was to cover the pink paint. After some trial and error (and tears over a hideous nude color I had chosen) we ended up with dark brown.

We love to read and collect books, so my Dad and brothers helped us build custom shelves. Several years later we had one of my piano students dad install overhead light fixtures and we also had the hardwood floors refinished.

Alas, we were still not finished. The vision had always been to add floor to ceiling shelves to the other side of the room. We were slowly running out of space for our books and we knew we just needed to take the bull by the horns and get to work.

After much debating we decided that the most economical thing to do would be to pull out the existing shelves and replace them with IKEA’s Billy shelves.

Clara sacrificed and put up with a huge pile of books in her room for the duration of the project.

And since we pulled out the shelves I figured we might as well “do it right”. We painted the walls Wilmington Tan by Behr (a nice contrast to the new shelves), added crown molding and painted the ceiling.

So, after days of hard work, moaning and groaning, here are the results.

We finally have the library/music room we envisioned when we moved in. We love the wall color, furniture arrangement and, of course, the bookshelves!

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