Man Pleasing Chicken…YUM!

Man Pleasing Chicken

So, in researching recipes for my crock pot freezer cooking session, I came across this recipe for Man Pleasing Chicken. The name alone made me want to try it. I quadrupled the recipe cooked up one meal for dinner last night and packaged the rest for the freezer.

I followed this adaptation of the recipe, but left out the zuchini and substituted chicken breasts for thighs. I served it with mashed potatoes.

It […]

My New China Cabinet

China Cabinet

Why do you need a china cabinet, you might ask. Well, I’m one of those crazy people who wished for and received beautiful Spode china at our wedding. When I was growing up and we would watch period piece movies, I used to admire the British in India with their blue and white china. I always knew that someday when I had a home I wanted to be just as elegant.

I don’t know that […]

Ice Cream Cone Cakes

Iced with Sprinkles

I guesss you could say I’ve been on a cupcake craze lately. Not sure why, except the ideas I’ve come accross looked like they would be fun to make. These Ice Cream Cone Cakes were quite simple to make.


Just use a cake mix, line a cupcake pan with baking cups, fill them with batter and top them off with a cone. After cooling, remove the liner, ice and decorate. Enjoy!


Here’s what […]

Cupcake Decorating Party

Ice Cream Cupcake

Kids love working in the kitchen. So, why not host a cupcake decorating party? On Friday, the Bible club girls had a great time rotating through stations making fun and tasty cupcakes.

Here’s how it worked.

1. Choose several decorating options.

There are tons of creative and fun ideas out there. Pinterest anyone? (By the way, you can follow me here :)) Here’s a collection of easy cupcake decorating ideas I came across. I […]

Hanging Origami Paper Flowers

Flower Origami Tutorial

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Today, I’m going to show you how to make these beautiful hanging Origami Flowers using origami circle paper.



8 pieces of 10 cm. round paper glue stick 36″ piece of crochet yarn beads – 3 small colored beads, 1 large clear bead and 1 teardrop bead


1. Fold 10 round papers the following way.

Fold in half.

Fold again.

Open up again.


Confession and a Menu Plan


Wonder why you haven’t read a weight loss update in a while? Well, it’s because summer came with all the fun it brings and we totally got off track. Now that we’ve started school again and we’re getting back into a routine, it’s time to get serious and loose the rest of this excess weight by the end of the year.

Menu Plan

It has become very clear to us that the best way […]

Easy Chicken Wraps

Chicken Wrap Ingredients

Here’s an easy and quick chicken wrap recipe I made after tasting the delicious wraps at Tim Hortons.


diced chicken (I use this marinated chicken recipe.) lettuce shredded cheese BBQ sauce flour tortillas

Spread a little BBQ sauce on the flour tortilla. Add chicken, lettuce and cheese. Wrap up and enjoy!


Living Room Makeover

From Living Room to Library and Music Room

We’ve lived in our split level home for almost 15 years and are finally getting close to finishing all the major home improvement projects we had planned or envisioned. I previously shared pictures of our kitchen makeover. Today, I’ll take you on a tour of our most recent project, the library/music room.

Our realtor took the following three pictures of our home at the home inspection. (This […]