Long Overdue Weight Loss Update

So, it’s been a while since I posted our weight loss numbers. To review, our goal for the year is to lose a combined 100 pounds! (John wants to lose 70 lbs. and Monica 30lbs.) We’re about halfway through the year and here are our results:


As you can see we’re making progress and almost half way there. John has been doing extremely well at counting his calories and resisting temptation. Me, not so much. I let myself get distracted by the busyness and craziness (also known as home improvement) of the last several weeks and didn’t eat very healthfully.

On a positive note, one of my reasons for losing weight was so my clothes would fit better, and they do! It’s a wonderful thing when you can pull out a shirt and pants and feel that you look good when you put them on. I still have a couple of capri pants that are a little snugg. My goal is to post a picture of me wearing them at the end of July.

One of the things that keeps me going on this weight loss journey are inspirational stories of people who have already traveled down this path and had success. I love this story of how Joyce lost 103 pounds!


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