Freezer Cooking Week

The month of May and beginning of June are a total blur. I have finally recovered from all the end of the school year recitals, concerts, evaluations, contests and the big home improvement projects we tackled (more on those to come :)). Needless to say, I did not do much cooking during that time and my freezer was getting pretty empty.

This time, my freezer cooking session was split up over several days. I just wasn’t able to find the time to do it all in one day. You’ll notice that I only made 16 meals instead of 30. We have a lot of hot dogs and beef (steaks, burgers, shish kabobs) for grilling which we’ll be eating as well.

Here’s the menu:

:: Sloppy Joes 4x – This was a new recipe for us. Everyone loved it!!!

:: Baked Pasta 4x

:: Taco Soup 4x – I know, soup in the summer is crazy, but the kids love it.

:: Breakfast 4x: pancakes, muffins


What are some of your favorite summer meals?

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