Why I started to coupon again

For several weeks now, life has been crazy. We’re approaching the end of the school year which means one last push to finish school work, music and dance recitals, graduation open houses, etc. I have also had a lot of teaching responsibilities with homeschooling, church and my piano studio.

There was so much to do that I only focused on doing the things that were absolutely neccessary. Therefore, couponing (among many other things) went by the wayside.

Here are two reasons why I started couponing again.

1. Life has calmed down. Couponing takes time. You have to cut and organize the coupons, research the blogs for coupon matchups, and put together a shopping list. Then you have to pull all the coupons you plan on using and put them in envelopes labled with store names.

This is the second week in a row I was able to complete all the above tasks and go out and shop. :)

2. There are real people with real needs.

During a recent small group Bible study we discussed the importance of taking care of each other within our church community. I was made aware of people in our congregation with needs I knew nothing about. Needs I could help meet, by going through my current stockpile. This got me excited about getting back into couponing!

Yes, I had put together care packages over the past year, but I needed that reminder to get motivated again. There are people all around us that need help and I want to be prepared to meet needs whenever possible. Having a stockpile of food and beauty and health products gives our family a practical way to help. The easiest and most economical way for us to have a growing stockpile is through the use of coupons. Who knows how may more needs can be met through couponing with a purpose?


Have you gone through a couponing slump? What motivated you to keep at it?


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