How to Blow out Easter Eggs

Ready to decorate Easter eggs? Here’s a step by step guide to blowing out Easter eggs. I’ll share how we decorate our eggs in a follow-up post later on today. Don’t miss out and follow me on facebook.

1. Gather supplies (needle, toothpicks, bowl). Rinse eggs and dry off.

2. Gently poke a hole in the top of the egg using the needle.

3. Use the needle to chip around the edge and enlarge the hole. Follow the same process at the other end of the egg.

4. Insert a toothpick through the hole and poke the yolk.

5. Get ready to huff and puff :). Start blowing in the top hole so the egg white and yolk come out of the bottom hole into the bowl. If things get stuck, just use a toothpick to gently remove any obstruction and continue blowing until the egg shell is empty. If it’s still tough to blow anything out you may need to enlarge the bottom hole a little.

6. Rinse the egg under water and blow out any excess water. Let dry in egg carton.

I used some of the eggs to make scrambled eggs in a cup and will use the rest for breakfast burritos.

7. Let the fun begin and DECORATE!



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