Weight Loss Update – Oops

These last two weeks have been a little discouraging. I was determined to excersice at least 3 times a week and drink plenty of water. Alas, I failed miserably. On the other hand, John is still making steady progress!

Looking back, I can identify two reasons why I struggled these last two weeks.

1. I was sick for a large part of the time. Fulfilling all of my mommy/teacher/homemaker duties took up most of my energy. When evening came I was ready to crash, not exercise!

2. I got lazy about making wise food choices. Not good! I also started a kitchen project (more on that to come) that made meal prep in the kitchen pretty much impossible. This also contributed to my poor food choices.

The encouraging thing in all this is, that these obstacles can be overcome. I am feeling much better now and am determined to exercise for at least 30 minutes today. In fact, I will post a picture on facebook as proof (and to keep me accountable). :)

Our kitchen will get back to normal eventually (maybe another week or so). In the meantime, I just need to plan ahead better and get a little creative with meal preparations. No more excuses for bad food choices!

Arter these adjustments, I anticipate I’ll be able to report some weight loss at the next weigh-in. As an added incentive I am motivating myself with shopping for two new spring tops when I’ve lost a total of 15 pounds. Only three more to go!


Have you encountered obstacles in your weight loss efforts? How have you overcome them?

2 comments to Weight Loss Update – Oops

  • vicki

    Monica~ you are not alone..the older you get, talking about me here,es the harder it gets as well b/c you tend to justify eating the wrong things too easily, e.g. what does it matter at my age, enjoy yourself? it’s coming off too slowly, I used to drop pounds like sweat when I was 2o, etc. etc.
    I try to have motivational push..for example,I am going to Spain in 6 weeks and I know I am going to want to enjoy all those lovely tapas, and they are usually high in calories and fat, so I am trying to lose 7 lbs. before I go in a very short time, but it does motivate me to NOT eat chips, fries and high fat foods now and I am already thinking dry, arid Madrid and it makes me drink more..although I had already gotten pretty much in the habit of doing that while living there and it carried on after that but at times I do get lax.
    We all have our “down” times when we just can’t keep it all going and I think that is what you expressed. You can get back on the wagon again and not feel like a failure.
    You already have lost alot of weight and I think you look great already.
    Probably the most important motivation for me lately was my blood test results in cholesterol and sugar levels, which came out good..I am eating oatmeal 5 times a week and nuts,only use olive oil, no butter, fish meals at least twice a week,lots of fresh veggies..things like that that are good for my heart.
    So, all this to say, keep up the good work and you will do fine!!

  • Monica

    Thanks, Vicki, for your encouraging words. It really comes down to discipline and realizing that I’m doing this to develop a healthy lifestyle and avoid potential health problems in the future. It’s not always fun though. Speaking of fun, have a fabulous time in Spain!!!

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